Higgins’ job sharing
independent candidate

We are Lucy Bradlow and Bronwen Bock, and we are running as a community-backed independent job sharing candidate for Higgins in the next federal election.

We want to serve the people of Higgins and change how politics is done in Australia.

We are Higgins people who want to see better representation for this community. We believe we can better serve Higgins by job sharing the role of MP, giving the community two sets of skills and experience and a fresh perspective.

Policy priorities

The people of Higgins deserve a real voice in our government. We are running as independents to represent the voices of the community. Our policy priorities will be guided by consultation with the electorate, and our vote will be informed by evidence and expertise.

Job sharing and how it will work

The Federal Government regulates companies and the public sector to allow job sharing but does not create flexible working arrangements for MPs. Job sharing is a tried and effective way of broadening the talent pool for senior leadership positions. It is time for it to be a part of Parliament as well.

Job sharing will allow the people of Higgins to be represented by the best possible representative – regardless of their responsibilities outside the role. It unlocks two sets of skills, ideas and perspectives as well as an in built accountability mechanism.

The central principle for job-sharing is that job share partners should be treated as if they are one person. As job sharing representatives, we will work week-on, week-off, with a handover at the end of each week. We will work hand in glove on all issues bringing diversity of thought but a united view.

Our values


We are ambitious for change and will work hard to make an impact for the people of Higgins. We do what we say we will do and do not blame others when we fall short.


Everything we do is done in collaboration – with each other, with our community and with expert advisors. Everything we achieve, we achieve together.


We respect our community and listen with open minds. We care about what people think.


Every connection with those around us matters. We have empathy, are inclusive and kind.


Our fundamental driver is serving the people of Higgins. We want to bring their concerns to the Federal Parliament and make a difference to their lives.