Staging About

We are community-backed independent candidates for Higgins. We are running first and foremost to represent the interests of the people of Higgins. We want to enable and support the people of Higgins to see their needs better represented in Federal Parliament.

We are Higgins people. Lucy grew up in Higgins and Bronwen has lived here for the last 11 years. We both live in Higgins today and are deeply embedded in the community, from participating in school and kindergarten councils, to volunteering in a pet therapy program, we are members of this community and we want to see its needs met.

Kitchen table conversations

We began our campaign in August 2023 by commencing a series of “kitchen table conversations” that bring together members of the electorate to understand their concerns and what they want to see in their federal politicians.

Each conversation around a kitchen table asks 6 – 10 community members their thoughts on:

  • What they love about their community
  • What issues they are concerned about
  • What they want to see in their federal representatives

We then give them the opportunity to ask any questions about job sharing.

These conversations are an opportunity for us to listen and for our constituents to be heard.

What we have heard so far:

An interim report from kitchen table conversations


(“What do you love about our community?”)


(“What issues are you concerned about?”)


(“What quality do you want to see in your federal representatives?”)

Friends of Higgins

Friends of Higgins is a community group that is an integral part of the Bradlow + Bock campaign.

Friends of Higgins was formed to enable the people of Higgins to co-create, with their communities, real political change in Australia. It puts in place processes for them to actively participate in politics.

Members of Friends of Higgins want to be part of a people powered, purposeful and collaborative group to drive change. They believe in doing things differently and are keen to contribute in a variety of ways including hosting kitchen table conversations and volunteering on the Bradlow + Bock campaign.

Volunteering contributions are made in whatever capacity works best for each member – from organising volunteers, providing strategic advice, hosting fundraising events, assisting with merchandise, or helping with social media.

Friends of Higgins continues to grow and build a compact with the community to help guide the Bradlow + Bock campaign.

Above: Friends of Higgins at the Bradlow-Bock Higgins federal election independent campaign launch