Independent candidates launch job-sharing campaign in Higgins

Community-backed Independents, Lucy Bradlow and Bronwen Bock have today launched their campaign for the seat of Higgins in the next federal election.

In an Australia-first campaign, Lucy and Bronwen are running as job sharing candidates, to bring the best possible representation to Higgins and change how politics is done in Australia.

“We believe the people of Higgins deserve representatives that stand up for them in federal Parliament,” says Bronwen, a strategic consultant with a background in investment banking.

“We stand for action on climate, cost of living relief and integrity in politics. We have spent time talking to members of the community and hearing their desires for a fresh take on the most important issues of the day.”

“We are creative thinkers who believe that we need to do things differently to get better results,” says Lucy, a communications consultant who was most recently the head of communications at the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

“We have over 30 years of friendship and share deep trust and respect. Individually, neither of us is able to take on the out of hours or travel demands of being a full time federal politician. But together, we bring two sets of skills and experience, fresh perspectives, and new energy to the role.”

“We are confident we can work together collaboratively for the benefit of the people of Higgins.”

The candidates propose to work week-on, week-off, with a handover at the end of each week. This model will ensure costs are split evenly, meaning there are no more costs than a single member.

“Job sharing is tried and tested in the private sector and civil service – we are advocating for Federal Parliament to be like any other workplace,” says Bronwen.

“We want to show that politics can be done differently for a more inclusive Parliament and for better representation for Australians.”